Mountain of Sheep

Here is a Mountain of Sheep, ok, hill. Picky, picky.

Dear little Maggie. She arrived at our gate a few years back and has never left home, ever. It might be the breakfasts – just sayin’ – and I think it is.

And Edna, who again came off the hill in a gaunt state along with her daughter, Madge, now has double chins and no teeth (i think I can relate).  How has that happened?

She is set and happy in her routine. I am her slave.  We both know this.

And then there is the bulk that is Lambie.  Basically a lozenge in shape, sheep …..

…. and possibly in mind!  This morning he was closed for business.  We had no conversation.

Harrel-The-Barrel spent his morning optimistically following me and my restaurant around.

And the noble profile that is ‘Bert.  What a guy,

Lambie obstinately remained immune to my presence or my camera.  Snooze on Lambie.

And *** cough *** The World’s Fattest Sheep – Madge.  It is not my fault she is so fat – she had her tags cut out and was chucked onto the hill to die.  Like a refugee, she only has to look at an éclair to put on weight. I understand this and feel her pain.

And lastly, but not leastly, we have ‘Ster who is just a misunderstood sweetie with huge separation anxiety.  Guys? Guys? he shouts as they all wonder off and say nothing.

So this is my Mountain of Sheep, which is really a small hill.

8 thoughts on “Mountain of Sheep

  1. Sam

    To these Sheep, this is the Mountain of Love they have climbed. If they have over indulged, it is because you knew what horrid condition they were in when they arrived. These are lovely well loved lucky sheep. Best way to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  2. Sharon

    Sam said what I’d have said and better.

    Sam said what I feel too and said it better. I loved your pictures of all the sheep. I’ve always loved Bert’s fleece colour and I think he’s a handsome fellow. All the ewes are pretty and all the boys are very handsome. Harrel has become a very handsome young fellow!

    1. Frances Post author

      thank you. Bert is moorit – brown. He has become lighter over the years. Harrel is black but will probably turn to shaela (like his Mum) – more and more white every year. And, yes, very handsome. Lots of smiles.


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