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The Minions love toys.

I haven’t spent much time with them recently, so they followed me into the indoor school, mostly to keep Haakon and his non-burst abscess company (it has burst now, which is good so daily pouliticing).

After Taktur’s blatant thievery the other night, I have rearranged the shed so he can’t get the hay stack.  I found an old Ikea tunnel that the kids used to play with and I used for practicing BeAnne’s non-existent agility training.

I wondered what the boys would make of it.

Well, of course, they loved it.

BN2A4532 BN2A4497

Hours of non-stop entertainment to be had.

BN2A4569 BN2A4504 BN2A4548

Probably the best toy ever!

BN2A4595 BN2A4594

I never stopped laughing all morning while they kicked it around, picked it up, put their heads in it……


Stardust gave them his “you are all completely mad” look and went on eating his hay or coming to me for a hug and a scratch.


Haakon was very sniffy and not in the best of moods anyway.  He is not a huge Minion fan and finds them small and annoying.


So, when he thought no one was watching, he went to investigate the tunnel himself to see what all the fuss was about.

BN2A4580 BN2A4581 BN2A4582

I know he would never admit it, as he is the distinguished head of the herd but secretly he thought it was rather fun.


(but that is a secret and absolutely no one must ever know!)




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