Wait for Me!

Yesterday evening, Bjørn came over to train Taktur, my Icelandic stallion and Kappi, his Icelandic gelding.

While he was opening the school, turning on the lights, finding Taktur in the pitch dark, I thought I would take some more hay over to the Minions’ shed for some night-time snacking.

I could have sworn I shut the gate properly but apparently not and while the others tucked into their hay, Silver planned and made his escape.

He refused to be caught, and attracted by the lights in the school, ran in there.


I didn’t care.  I encourage the Minions to not rely on each other all the time and Silver has a good friendship with Kappi.  I assumed they would stand together and eat hay, while Taktur was being trained.


How wrong I was.  Silver was intrigued by Taktur being ridden round the school and decided to catch up and investigate further.  He refused to be caught by me and I did apologise for the little irritation who I thought would only get in the way.


To be fair Bjørn thought it was funny and Taktur didn’t mind one bit.  Notice how Silver tries to keep step.  Although he can’t tölt, Silver matched Taktur as much as he could.

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Silver loved it.  He got a bit tired at the end but could see him shining with happiness at doing something fun.  While Kappi had his training, Silver and Taktur sweetly shared a haynet together.


18 thoughts on “Wait for Me!

  1. Linda

    “SILVER’S BIG ADVENTURE” – those photos of him running alongside Taktur are so sweet!

    P.S. Silver says “nothing ventured, nothing gained”

    1. Terri

      PS What a happy life Silver has with you! What a cutie….
      Btw, how IS Wussums? healing well? Are YOU feeling any better? Good thoughts from abroad!


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