I think there is improvement.


Stardust (or Tiddlypom as he is known) is stronger, more determined and less bullied.  He stands his ground and is positively stubborn, which is good. Definitely in his demeanour and attitude are changing.   His spine and hip bones are less prominent under all that wool.


Tiddlypom likes his food.  He will not be deterred and heads for the bowl where he will be hassled least.  He does not like chaff and does like sugar beet with mix and oats, so you know but he finds barley rings difficult to eat as they need to be crunched one by one.  If you have one in your pocket, he would never say no and thinly sliced carrots are an acceptable form of gratitude.


Tiddlypom likes coming up to you for kisses and is very good at leaning into you to be scratched.  His greatest joy is having his bottom scratched and he will practically sit on your knee to have it done.  He makes no fuss about having his rug taken on or off and stands quietly while you fiddle about with straps, etc.


Tiddlypom tolerates the others and will always follow them.  He doesn’t want to be on his own and can be vocal if he can’t see the others.  He thinks headcollars and leadropes are stupid.  He turns into a stubborn little donkey when asked to lead nicely.  If you tap his behind, he bucks about 2″ off the ground, which makes me laugh.  He also bucks if the others chase him so they don’t bother with him much anymore as he is no fun and won’t wind up.  Soon he will give as good as he gets.


There is definitely a glimmer in his eye now.


Best of all he knows he is loved and his confidence is building because of this.


Henceforth, for the moment, Stardust is known as Tiddlypom.  He was going to be Tiddlypush until I looked that up and found out what it meant.  I mean who knew?  You learn something new every day!


13 thoughts on “Tiddlypom

  1. Karen

    Oh what a sheltered life I have led…I had no idea either…just as well you thought to check 😀 Lovely to see him coming out of his shell.

  2. Linda K

    Love and confidence. How could he not thrive?

    I was going to use the advent calendar pic of Charlie as my screen saver, but in full screen size, it’s a bit alarming!

  3. Heather

    He’s a cutie and I’m glad he’s getting more outgoing. And fatter.

    I wonder what Oxford Reference is going to think about all the searches for tiddlypush? I never knew either.

  4. Sam

    Glad to see Tiddlypom coming into his own. Good food, warm rugs, scritchies and love, lots and lots of love makes his world go round. Good work!

  5. Terri

    You’ve done it again, Frances — BRAVO! Tiddlypom looks transformed (and in such a short time).
    Patience and love always work….and a new name, to make him totally yours.

  6. Aoife @Pampered-Ponies

    I am Irish and had never heard Tiddlypush either, I am so glad the little fella’s personality is shining through and that he is standing his ground. He is so fluffy you can hardly see his adorable little ears!

  7. amu

    Who knew indeed! Not me. We had tiddler as a term in my family, which we can’t use any more since the book of the same name by Julia Donaldson. Tiddlypom is adorable. I just wonder how small the next one will be… ?


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