More Town, More Ponies

In Town

All Day

Clothes Shopping

Nuff said.

I need complete tranquility now.

But we saw some nice water lilies on the way home.

En route, we went the long way round so we could check up on the Minions and their friends.

Albie was first up to the gate.  Methinks he spends much time talking to passers-by possibly helping them with their sandwiches.

Newt had found himself a small fortress, complete with moat which he was sharing with no one.

The others were around the corner having a chat or possibly planning their invasion.

Meanwhile, Vitamin and Lilja weren’t interested in little pony politics.

So all is well in that neck of the woods and I am off to lie down in a dark room.

5 thoughts on “More Town, More Ponies

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I hope you found some useful clothes! I;m sorry you’re still suffering. My brother-in-law had back surgery a couple of years ago and it definitely helped so I hope your surgeon/consultant has some suggestions for you. Fingers crossed for you. xx

  2. Linda Kirk

    Shopping for clothes is a chore, hardly ever a pleasure. Sending you best wishes and I hope there’s an end to your back pain soon.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Frances, I feel so badly for you and your pain. I thought you were going to the Doctor on Friday. Did you go and if so, what did s/he say about all your pain? Or was that a different day you were going to check in with your Doc? At any rate, I am praying for your pain to lessen. It sounds horrible. Hope you’re feeling better very soon. Thank you for the always beautiful pictures.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. Yes, I did go. They took blood in case there is an infection from the epidural steroid injections and I have been referred to the spinal surgeon in Aberdeen.


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