An Achievement

Daisy had a riding lesson today on Kappi from our FEIF Level 3 Instructor, Bjørn Roar Larsen after he had shod him first.  There was help from A Repellant Creature.

He had brought Amina, BeAnne’s “twin” sister!

Following the British Championships last month, Daisy and Kappi have qualified for two world ranking events representing Great Britain – The Mid European Championships 2018 in St. Radegund, Austria and the Netherlands Championships in Oirschot, Netherlands.

But sadly due to many difficult circumstances, it is unlikely they will attend.

It is a shame as they have both done brilliantly and Kappi is going well at the moment.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles for us and I know there will be other opportunities.

We just have to not mind and concentrate on other things.

Daisy and Kappi aren’t ready to hang up their boots/horseshoes yet.

We are all very proud of Daisy and Kappi’s achievements.

Meanwhile Haakon has hung up his shoes for a few months while I try and sort my back out – though, I never say never.  If I felt better, I might just go for a plod.

9 thoughts on “An Achievement

  1. Michelle McMillen

    Kappi is looking in particularly fine flesh. Showing – especially when not in driving distance – is SO expensive; too bad Daisy can’t get a deep–pocketed sponsor! I had one for a year or so in my previous life and it was very nice.

  2. Linda Kirk

    I’ve said it before but I think Haakon is so.. majestic. I can imagine him as a Viking warrior’s noble steed in times past.

  3. Sam

    Congrats to Daisy & Kappi getting the invite. Sorry things (like a far distance) got in the way. Love BeAnne’s “twin” sister.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Congratulations Daisy and Kappi! So sorry you can’t attend those shows, but with your talent, there are bound to be more exciting experiences coming up in your futures!

  5. Terri

    Wonderful news that Daisy and Kappi qualified! Very well done! Hope it works out to go next time. And fingers crossed for you, Frances, that you will be able to ride again this summer….Wouldn’t that be nice?


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