Snow. Quick, Quick Snow!

It has been snowing on and off all day but, as I write this, the snow is now melting fast.

The scenery was pretty for a while, all clean and white, and we were amused to see how Monster would react, based on the theory that would be his first time (with us) when he could be potentially invisible.  At last his Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (patent pending) was working!

Before the snow really got going, I popped over to Leradale.

I had broccoli stalks in a bag ergo Storm was my best friend.  He decided to just follow me everywhere in the hope there were more.  Everyone had their fair share but Storm was ever the optimist.

The others followed too so I took the opportunity of leading them to better grass.

Lilja is keeping the Minions in her thrall which means they don’t go and eat.

And then, released from her clutches, they remembered and all rushed off up the hill giggling and playing.

Last seen at the top.

Waffle and Newt (a new sidekick) had been holding out but soon gave up and cantered to quickly catch up with the others.

Waffle went past but Newt stopped for a quick nose kissey before he galloped off as well.

He looked like a baked bean being shot out of a canon.

Lilja’s power is mighty.

She watched the Minions far away and I could see her planning her next spell.




5 thoughts on “Snow. Quick, Quick Snow!

  1. Sam

    Sounds like you need to cut off Lilja’s “Harry POtter” binge watching. And now I will always think “kidney bean” for Newt. But Monster’s cloak is working just fine.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love the magical look of snow at your place. Why do you suppose the minions are so taken with Lilja? She is beautiful, to be sure, but what else? Or maybe she’s so taken with them! Anyway….love all your pictures. Been snowing here all day too…but then, we’ve got so much more than you. Our Spring is many months away. I do enjoy looking at the grassy green fields you lead your critters to. Even when they’re just a little bit green….it looks good to me!


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