Superstar Shetland Pony

You may have seen this commercial on the telly recently for – a UK mobile broadband provider.

The star of the show is Benston Stud’s miniature 5yo 32.5″ stallion, Milday Socks.


Socks “moonwalks” his way across the majestic Shetland scenery of Eshaness cliffs set to Fleetwood Mac’s classic hit, Everywhere.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 17.32.02

The bemused Highland pony behind the stone wall is Hugh, Socks’ best friend.  They know each other well.

484319_390230744395263_1208766645_n Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 17.30.41

The tractor is a lovely vintage red diesel engine “Fergie” (Massey Ferguson) driven by Merkisayre Stud’s George Tait.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 17.31.36

Elaine, George’s daughter, trained Socks for two weeks before the shoot.  She said she taught him to paw the ground, rear, toss or flick his head and back up. She used Monty Roberts’ join-up methods as well as long-reining, whilst getting him used to ignoring a film and production crew whilst on location.  I asked her if she were to compare him to a celebrity, who would Socks be and her reply, after some thought, was a young Robbie Williams.  Everyone who met and worked with him said that Socks was a cheeky enthusiastic young lad with loads of character.

Socks even had his own internationally acclaimed hairdresser.  No, seriously, he did!

This picture was taken of Socks with his breeder at a show as a youngster.  It is known as “6 feet in the air………………….. well 4 hooves & 2 feet to be exact!”


If you want to find out more, I recommend you visit Shetland Ponies From Shetland where Benston Stud and many other studs are featured.

Shetland is proud of their ponies.  They can turn their hoof to most things!

8 thoughts on “Superstar Shetland Pony

  1. Elaine

    Lovely to read the story behind the fab advert. Wow, what a challenge Elaine had training Socks in such a short space of time, she must be very proud of him and the finished film.

  2. Trish

    I loved the dancing pony ad straight away – what a gorgeous happy pony and he does look really cheeky!
    The scenery makes me want to visit Shetland – I hadn’t realised it was so beautiful – and it’s now added to my bucket list.
    I hope Socks is enjoying his celebrity status and is getting extra carrots and pats! xx

      1. Trish

        Many thanks, Frances – please do ask his owner to give him a pat from me!
        I forgot to mention that I first saw the ad at the cinema (on Friday) – maybe seeing it on a massive cinema screen might help explain why I’m so mesmerised by it!
        Thanks again, Trish xx

  3. tracey

    Its a brilliant ad, beautiful pony and scenery, as an islander i would like to point out that we dont get 3 up here just saying 😉

    1. Frances Post author

      I know, that is the irony of it, I think. But hey-ho, Shetland ponies can’t moonwalk either. The “magic” of telly!

  4. sheena irving

    Everyone in Cousland is loving this and passing it on. Lots of us have memories of Socks as a youngster here.
    How fantastic to see him and the rest of the stud in such a beautiful, natural setting for them. He’s getting lots of attention on the Cousland facebook page too!


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