More Deer

On my early morning dog walk, I occasionally see deer.

Yesterday was incredible – a young doe with her two nursing fawns.  They even walked towards me because I imitated her head-nodding behaviour and a made low “Lambie-Muzzah” voice.  Of course, being me I didn’t have my camera but, believe me, it was a memorable moment in my life.

Today, I was blessed by seeing this little (and I could be wrong) doe who was grazing alone.

She immediately clocked me but saw I was absolutely no threat and so continued with eating.

Pip (Mum’s Patterdale terrier) and I just stood quietly for a while and watched.

It was magical.

Truly special to be in the presence of such a timid animal who had accepted me.

I was standing the other side of the stream so my camera did all the work!

Interestingly enough, some golfers arrived in their cart and you can see just how close to each other are without realising.

When I told them they had been within yards of a beautiful deer, they were completely disinterested and drove off.  (pfft)

I must add that my charge, Pip, the Patterdale terrier, was an absolutel jewel.  While I stood and watched the deer, he stayed by my feet waiting and willing me to drop small dog biccies his way.

He had spotted the deer but made no move to chase it, unlike some who I was glad were not here.

cough *** BeAnne, Loki *** cough

A truly special morning, though perhaps not as special as the doe and her two fauns, which really was essence of Bambi.

I wonder if they thought I vaguely spoke their language.


4 thoughts on “More Deer

  1. Terri

    I have recently been studying equine communication (equine sign language) with specialists in this field. You are an expert at this type of communicaton, thus you know how to behave, and they trust you. How very special to interact with the doe and her fawns!
    PS My dog would have gone bonkers.

  2. Kris

    I suppose it’s all relative. Earlier today I had to chase away four deer who were nibbling on some recently planted shrubs at my Dad’s house. I hadn’t had the opportunity as yet to spray the plants with deer repellent which is normally used only in the winter. We have herds of deer around here in my area (central New Jersey) and have to drive very carefully around dawn and dusk since they graze along the roadsides with impunity and will leap out in front of you with no warning.

    My backyard was home to a fox and her four kits this Spring and I was happy to see them since their presence kept the deer from eating so much. Nature was trying to balance things, I guess. 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      wow! very jealous. Well you know I hanker after a raccoon as a pet too. Lovely little fluffy black and white chaps. x

      1. Kris

        I think you would find my yard entertaining. Each year either a racoon or groundhog takes up residence under my garage and bears their babies. Groundhogs aren’t too bad since they eat the dandelions in the grass, but the raccoons climb up the pine trees and run across my roof at night while I’m trying to sleep as well as get in the garbage cans. Then there was the family of wild turkeys with seven chicks, several of which managed to fly up on my roof; and the hawk that was walking on my skylight one day looking down at me while I was on the computer….oh, and the two peacocks on my neighbor’s garage roof…the list goes on. No horses, though. They were at my parent’s house.


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