How is Delia?

Me (on the phone to Daisy):  So how are Delia and Lyra getting on?

Me:  Is Delia ok? (I am always worrying about her and thinking this will be her last summer).

Me:  Is she managing to eat ok and keeping on the weight? (still worrying).

Daisy:  Oh yes!  She nearly flattens me for her carrot when I visit every day!

Me:  And Lyra?  How is she?

Daisy:  She’s fine

Daisy:  Looking very good.  Perhaps a bit too good.

Daisy:  And Lyra is still very friendly, which is lovely (some summers Lyra has been known to turn a tad feral which is just plain boring).

The Shetland girls are both in Sandness, four miles down the road, happily sharing a field with two of Bjørn’s Shetland ponies.  They are all checked regularly.

Meanwhile, back at Thordale, ‘Ster has been busy making friends with Dreki.

From the photo, I think Lilja wants nothing to do with sheep.  She is practising being pretty.

Soon, I will be home and can get to know my foals who are growing like weeds.

Today, I met this little deer in a neighbour’s garden.

A memorable moment (I would love a pet deer……… though I think Lambie et al would have the most monumental tantrum!)

3 thoughts on “How is Delia?

    1. Highmac

      I think it’s a muntjac.
      From Norfolk Wildlife Trust: “Muntjacs are not a native species to Britain. They originate from China but were introduced to Woburn Park in Bedfordshire in 1838. After escapes and deliberate movement of the deer by humans they have now spread over southern England and are increasing in number.”

  1. Louise Stopford

    I bet you can’t wait to get home to see everyone – you must be missing them all very much.


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