More Cream

The daily attack on Hetja’s sunburned nosey is beginning to work now.

She looks much better and comes rushing up (probably thinking we have carrots but we don’t).  We have to be sneaky and the cream has to be put on quickly as we only get one chance before she takes herself off again.


There are always offers of help.


Hjalti is looking good.  He won’t be weaned until after winter as he was a late foal but he is growing fast and Hetja is a fantastic mum.


He remains curious but wary of folk.  He will find his bravery soon.  It is not for us to force ourselves upon him – we have to wait for our invitation.


Hjalti is very fond of his Nuncle Fákur (pronounced Fow-ker).  Fákur frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði is a 24 year old gelding from Iceland.  We has lived with us for many years and was the stalwart of our trekking centre when it was in existence. He a dear boy who is in much deserved semi-retirement now.


Fákur will look after little Hjalti and teach him all he needs to know about being an all round (quite literally) jolly good bloke.


I think all the grown-ups in the herd are in charge of looking after the little squirt really.  Thank goodness Hetja has finally seen sense and given up the over-protective dragon behaviour.



1 thought on “More Cream

  1. Linda

    Your horse etiquette is so finely tuned – lucky horses!

    And obviously it take a village (of horses) to raise a colt…


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