My Girls

Daisy was off the boat this morning (Aberdeen to Lerwick).  She has travelled home from Norway.

We went to see her favourite girl (after BeAnne).




As ever, they were very pleased to see each other.

BN2A1821 BN2A1817 BN2A1805 BN2A1819

BeAnne was less enthusiastic than Daisy to see Lyra but, to be fair, she didn’t snap and had perfect manners, for a change.


Sometimes BeAnne has a huge sense of humour failure.


Flossie spent her time talking to Vitamin, Lyra’s Mum.

BN2A1883 BN2A1879    BN2A1865

Like I often say, there is nothing better than a Shetland pony nosey kiss!  I am sure it has  magical, if not healing, powers and is considered the best therapy in the world.


(though BeAnne may well disagree)


3 thoughts on “My Girls

  1. Celeste

    And the second best healing thing is seeing your pictures of pony nosies! Your blog never fails to make my day sweeter.


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