Return of my Riding Buddy

My riding buddy is back.  Ok, not for long, but she is back.

This is my elder daughter, Daisy, who is home from Norway. She has come back to pack up her things and return to a job working at Kise Islandshestgård.  She had been out there for two weeks previously on trial and they offered her the job (so proud, sniff – it is a great opportunity).

Iacs, her original Icelandic horse that she has had since she was 8 years old, was very pleased to see her and we went out for a bimble.


Her Maj followed sulkily at the back.  She is having trouble keeping up these days and tends to go home.


I rode Haakon, who had a mad hair day but was very happy and forward-going.  He is getting old but he still loves going out.


Iacs, or Mr Bimble, is a haynet-half-full kinda guy and was enthusiastic to relieve me of any potential carrots I may be carrying about my person!  I was regularly frisked and brought in for questioning!


That was yesterday.  This is today.  The weather changed and a very soggy mist kept rolling in from the sea.

But that was not going to put us off and Daisy and I tacked up Klængur and Kappi and off we went for a completely different ride from yesterday.


These guys go fast and it was the good fun – a different kind of fun.



We try to match our ponies – yesterday two buckskin duns, today, two firey chestnuts.  That’s how we roll in this Shire!

I will make the most of Daisy being home.  It is wonderful and I have both my girls here – I am very happy.

3 thoughts on “Return of my Riding Buddy

  1. Deb Twomey

    Well..i looked up Daisy’s new job and kept hitting the translate button. What exactly will she be doing? And does she speak the language? I’m sure that’s a silly question, but what is it?
    Good Luck and congratulations

  2. Terri

    Congratulations to Daisy! What will she be doing at what looks like an equine facility? (I don’t understand Norwegian.) In any case, I wish her well in her career. Norway isn’t TOO far away, just a short swim from Shetland.


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