More Begging

We are always being watched.


All the time.

(Efstur and Dreki)

Oh yes.

Some are a bit more subtle than others.


Our every move is noted and clocked.

(Oh, Taktur is just sooooo handsome)

The boys could see Daisy lugging their tea down to another field.

So off they all traipsed.

In a long line.

Meanwhile I took BeAnne for a wee potter up the track.  Today was an athletic day for her. She took herself off for two little “walks”, with me escorting. I tell myself that if exercise is what she wants, then off we jolly well go.  We don’t go far.  I don’t know how much she can see now, either.  Sometimes I think she has selective deafness too.

As we were coming home, I could see Flossie was being strictly “supervised”.

It feels like we have done a lot of lugging this winter.  The girls are brilliant.

2 thoughts on “More Begging

  1. diane in northern wis

    And all that lugging sure looks cumbersome ….not to mention heavy! You guys really work hard. I applaud you for all the work you do every day. Love that pic of BeAnne… sweet. Hope she’s doing better!


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