Beginning to Thaw

The snow is, at last, thinking about thawing.  While it is gradually getting warmer, there is a storm heading our way, so we are trying to stuff food into as many horses, ponies, sheep, etc as possible to get them through the grim weekend ahead.  We are all exhausted – people and animals.

Anywho, in between lugging haynets, buckets of food and water (not enough thaw to defrost any outside pipes, however), BeAnne told me she wanted to go for a walk and set off, with or without me.

This is her enthusiastic start.

And then her determined little bottom, going home. Like I said with, or without me!  A terrier wants what a terrier wants.

I wanted to take some photos of Clothie in the snow as I thought they would look rather good in black and white so I followed the sheep tracks in the hill ……

It is all still very beautiful.

And then I popped by to gaze in admiration at Taktur’s beauty and Efstur came up for a chat.

Now off to learn how to make jiaozi (dumplings) now for a belated Chinese New Year.  Exhausting, I tell you.

5 thoughts on “Beginning to Thaw

  1. Sam

    What a treat to see BeAnne bouncing up the hill! And then the moody black & white photos of her wee bum going home. But then the Handsome Gents stopped by! New England is looking at 3 fast moving ice storms from Sunday to Friday of next week…I am done with winter…

  2. Linda

    Beautiful photos (I like the black & white ones just as much as the color) AND what a JOY to see BeAnn running like that!

    1. Trish

      Your photos are always beautiful but it was really lovely seeing videos today. Efstur in particular looked very Lord of the Rings… Or is it Game of Thrones?
      Special mention for Beanne… Bless her bouncing up that hill!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Always so many fun things going on around you Frances. Love the video of BeAnne running to start her walk. Love the beautiful horses…….those are some dark clouds in those pictures! And now you’re making dumplings! Take pictures so we can see them and drool over them!


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