Monster is a Saint

Little Herself, now officially named Pepper, is a Demon of the First Order.

She adores her toys and everyone around her.

(as does Monster, if he is allowed near them – though only toys. He only totally loves OH).

This flapping fish, that arrived today (you know who you are and thank you) is a particular favourite at the moment.

Pepper worships Monster.  She thinks he is great. She follows him everywhere.  She thinks he is Batman to her Robin.

And, surprisingly, he is wonderful with her.  He puts up with a lot.

Pepper wants to be with everyone.

And sometimes Monster is close by.  He can always vanish if he wants and mostly chooses not to.

I mean, what is not to love?  Look at dat face!

And this evening I realised I should contact the Vatican to nominate Monster for his beatification and possible future sainthood.

All I can say is this never happened with BeAnne (mostly because she would not share anything!)

So, life here, although exhausting, is going along very well.  Pepper is learning because Monster is teaching her.



4 thoughts on “Monster is a Saint

  1. Elva

    You couldn’t have got a better cat than that Monster! I am so glad he is so accepting and welcoming to Pepper. I am also happy that Monster has that special flapping fish toy!!


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