Lazing on a Sunday afternoon


While the bebbies had a duvet day, Jo and I :-

  • Moved a bale of silage up to the mares’ field
  • Made sure everyone had their fair share
  • Dished out wormer in some hard feed to Andy, Charlie and Hammy while making sure Indy didn’t have any, as he was wormed with our last bit of wormer a few weeks’ back.
  • Removed a bucket from Indy’s whiskers (how?), collected up the finished buckets and told Indy he was speshul.
  • Mucked out three stables and bebbies shed.
  • Fed the bebbies their Sunday lunch – they said thank you very much, ate it all up and nodded off for their Sunday afternoon snooze.
  • Had a cup of tea and a cheese sarnie.


Then I drove home and luckily found Taktur lurking around the garden gate asking to be fed.  So I fashioned a rough head collar from some sash window cord that I found and led him through the garden (sssh, don’t tell OH.  It is the quickest non-muddiest route) to feed him his grub.  A small hoover-type dog helped too.


I put out Taktur’s haynet which takes about 4 hours for him to finish.  Taktur is the slowest eater ever and so I removed hoover-type dog who is a fast eater, funnily enough.


When I find Taktur by the front door, I will give him a carrot and quickly/silently nip back through the garden to let him out into his field!

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