Minions Together

It has long been my dream that all my little rescue Minions should live in peace and perfect harmony.

Last winter proved it was not possible as Vitamin (an old mare) decided she hated Albie and Newt so they spent their winter with the Icelandic horses.  They were fine and happy but it was not what I wanted.

So today we excuted Plan 43251(a) – to integrate Albie and Newt with the other Minions.

Much as I love Albie and Newt living at home with us – the hugging and nose-kisseys are wonderful – I knew really need to be with the other boys, having fun and learning to be proper Shetland ponies.

It is important and I must do this.

So today, we left the mares behind and put all the Minions boys together.

Two at a time, in with Albie and Newt, minus the troublesome girls.

Albie and Newt were thrilled.

There was muchos galloping.

And I think, much as I would love my little boys at home, that this is the best thing that can happen to them all.  After all, they are my rescue Minions and they should all be together.

Happy days ahead.


13 thoughts on “Minions Together

  1. Sam

    Now that is a sight to behold! ALL the Minions gallumping about. Sigh….
    Does this mean Newt’s “Enormous Book of Revenge” moves down to a pocket size book?
    Love, love, love the running about with heads held high. Well done, Frances, really, really well done.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    They are just adorable! I hope they all settle down together and live in perfect harmony.xx

  3. Catherine Gray

    Those little fellows are light years on from the day when they first arrived, so dull and lifeless. I remember how hard you worked, how long you thought, and how slow the progress felt at times. Having “lost” you for a couple of years, all I see now is their health, their joy, and their vibrancy. You gave them their lives back xxx

  4. Carol E

    Oh, that’s lovely news! Albie and Newt look so at home. What a lot of time you’ve been spending shuffling animals about! You’re such a good Mum to them all.

  5. diane in northern wis

    Aww this just warms my heart….to see all of them frolicking together. Hope it works out forever and even longer than that. They look so happy! (like you!)

  6. Margaret Robinson

    And the “background” is perfect for the minions. Blue sky, green grass and what looks (but may not be) really nice weather! Sometimes being a Mom is not easy and it means making choices for others that aren’t easy. Well done and you’e done the right thing!

  7. Mairead

    How lovely to see those depressed little boys now looking so happy and full of life. All of it is credit to you and your family’s care and love. Such cheerful photos – they make my heart sing.

  8. Linda

    It makes so much sense that they get to “hang out” together – I’m so happy for your little “gang” of Minions!!


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