Spring is Doing its Thing

These two new “friends” are getting on fine now which is a huge relief.

Every spring I use a Mars Coat King rake on BeAnne to strip off her heavy winter coat.   It makes life easier for her and she is much happier too, once it is quickly done.  I bought it years ago for our Bernese Mountain dog, Lotte, and nearly 20 years later it is still doing the job.  A good investment.

Before (the creature from the deep)


(BeAnne has lost quite a lot of weight in the past few months.  Eating is still an argument. I seem to have turned her into a “fussy feeder” and an old lady by indulging all her whims.)

I might do a bit more with the grooming rake as it gets hotter.

Meanwhile Monster sat outside and was glad it wasn’t him.

I spend most of my afternoons driving around the countryside checking the horses and ponies who are now located in two different places – about 8 miles apart.

I always notice the hill sheep as I drive past and they are busy producing beautiful little lambs.

I am trying hard not to fall in love with the darling pieces of wool.

This one is a very unusual tri-colour.

If I see a pretty lamb on my travels, I usually end up reversing the car and hanging out of the window to take a photo praying they won’t then move off.

Those (humans now) that have a peat bank in the hill are digging and meticulously stacking the peat bricks so they will dry in the spring sunshine and almost constant wind.

And this is how you do it.

En route to my next field, I saw a wonderful hillside of wild primroses.

It looks like scrambled egg from a distance.

So, while the earth is slowly warming up, nature is galloping along making up for lost time.  I love this time of year.

7 thoughts on “Spring is Doing its Thing

  1. Sam

    Happy to hear Monster and BeAnne have come to an understanding. Now if you can get her to eat more…so hard with older animals. I wish Spring would take a firm hold in New England…but it won’t. Not yet.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    The peat cutting video was fascinating. What happens to the trenches? Are they filled in or just left? BeAnne looks very smart in her short coat and good to see that the ‘Monster’ isn’t tormenting her!

  3. Terri

    BeAnne looks fetching! I love those lambs — especially, as I am a knitter — someday their fleeces will surely make beautiful, undyed yarn. Peat-cutting reminds me of “double-digging” for gardeners (back-breaking work). Do you have a soft rubber “Zoom Groom” for Mon/Vlad? My cats love it — it’s mostly a massage, but picks up hair too.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Great things are happening over on your side of the world these days….. springtime weather….friendship between BeAnne and Monster…..all those beautiful little lambs ….and flowers….such lovely flowers. Enjoy spring!!! Love your pics Frances!

  5. Louise Stopford

    It’s nice to know that Monster and BeAnne are getting along. It’s stressful when animals don’t quite “get it”. I still have to watch two of my cats after 18 months as they don’t get along – so you have done really well with those two. Loved the pictures of the lambs and the beautiful Shetland hillside full of Primroses. We have waited a long time for Spring to here in Cheshire, but finally we have some sunshine (just hope it lasts for the weekend). Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your animals.

  6. Christine

    I use a Mars Coat King for my furry Icelandic horse 🙂 Of course nothing really helps much, so I wait until mid July when he becomes sleek and beautiful. Then I have about two months before the winter coat starts growing and he once again becomes fuzzy. Sigh…


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