Pony Therapy

Do you ever get days when you just don’t feel like doing anything?

When you want to sit in the sun with your friends and enjoy your surroundings?

But you finally get off your butt and manage to take an interest in what’s going on around you.

Well, that was us yesterday.

We had all rather had enough of doing useful stuff all day – the house was vaguely clean, the horses had been ridden, fed, checked, etc, so we indulged ourselves and spent the afternoon in Taktur’s field.

Albie and Newt still live with Taktur and Kappi and, once we had been frisked for carrots (we had none), we were allowed to sit down with the little ones.

Bliss perfect bliss.

(for most of us)

This is possibly one of my most favourite views.

Lovely whiskery noseys arriving to be kissed.

The sheep came up to join us too.  In truth it was mostly ‘Ster.  He has attachment and attention seeking issues, especially around us.

Luckily none of my Shetland ponies or Icelandic horses are sheep chasers.  I have heard that some do and some even kill sheep.  The unacceptable horror!

So that was our afternoon therapy.  Sitting in a field in the Shetland sunshine enjoying being snuffled by the smallest of our Minions.

So, if you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different colour – or even go and hug a Shetland pony.

This is the best therapy ever.  Visitors, if you’re brave enough, are always welcome but please phone/message me first.


7 thoughts on “Pony Therapy

  1. Sam

    You could charge us for this and we would pay to do so! To sit with Newt and Albie on a sunny day?
    Sounds like bliss to me. Of course, The Maine Coon Cats might not agree with their warm laps leaving for a vacation….

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I’d love to come and hug your little ones! Mine isn’t so interested in hugs unless treats are involved!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh Frances, I would love to come and visit someday. Who knows what the future will bring. And yes,
    I would let you know far in advance!!! What a great, relaxing blog today! Thanks so much.

  4. Nancy

    I wish we were neighbors so I could do that!
    I love being wuffed by ponies/horses!
    They really are great therapy! =)


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