Minions Get Brushed

Recently Daisy has been visiting the Minions to check everyone is ok and to spend time with her Lyra.

Yesterday, she reported back that we should go and brush them as Silver, especially, had witches knots and mats in his mane.

So, armed with two good brushes, mane and tail conditioner spray, 6 carrots and headcollars, Flossie and I drove over to do our magic.

They all came trotting up, very pleased to see us.


If Storm could put his own headcollar on, he would – he luffs his yellow headcollar.


After much brushing, we achieved various visions of beauty.


Silver’s mane can now be bouffant.  No more mats and tats.


Tails were brushed and cut so they won’t drag in the impending winter mud.


I love this photo – Waffle and Delia together.  There are 20 years between them.


Delia was on good form.  She is happily fat and will winter out losing weight as nature intended. If she begins to find it difficult, we can put a rug on her but, at the moment, she has her own layers (*** cough *** spare tyres) to keep her warm.


Obviously, it wasn’t all brushing.  There was hugging…..


…. as well as the usual tickling and chatting.


So Flossie and I gave them a good check over and cut goobie bits out of ears.  Everyone was now beautiful again.

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While we were doing all this, of course a certain little Tiddles was going through my pocketses!


Why am I not surprised!

5 thoughts on “Minions Get Brushed

  1. Sam

    The picture of Storm and Delia is lovely. And as an older lady, she is entitled to a wee bit of padding , for the winter of course. Good to see the Minions all styled up and begging (or taking out of Mum’s pocket) those yummy carrots.

  2. Terri

    I love their distinct personalities and how affectionate they are. And I agree with Sam about the “wee bit of padding” for Delia, the elderly grande dame. **cough**

  3. Kae

    What is the name of your mane and tail conditioner? I have a friend who is rescuing horses and has one that is in desperate need but she hasn’t found anything to remove the tangles. I realize it might not be available in the USA but worth a try.

    I follow you on Ravelry.

      1. Kae

        Thanks so much. The information has been conveyed and one rescue horse will have better looking mane, tail and fetlocks. He is a large draft horse so lots of all to make beautiful and remove the knots.


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