Life with Pepper is pretty full on PUPPY! (all capitals, I think).

Although utterly delicious, yesterday the little things like sleeping, pee’ing and poo’ing outside, eating and not chasing ducks, chickens and sheep seemed a long way off…….

I keep telling myself that she may learn….. eventually.

Yesterday (and I was very over-tired) I lost my rag and Pepper and I had words about all of her failings.

And today life appears much better (I say this with trepidation) but there has been minimum chasing, pooing, peeing outside etc and lots of eating too.  The eating cheers me up hugely.

I am more hopeful as today Pepper left the ducks alone and even the sheep when we went on our walk.  This could be a breakthrough.  Maybe my words have sunk in.

Luckily Pepper enjoys the garden.

Monster has been doing his bit on the education front too.

While Pepper enjoys chasing him, not to catch, but to annoy a lot…… (see tail).

Monster was reduced to having his claws and paws ready (I feel his pain) and I am afraid Pepper has had that coming.

And this is the umbrage that was then duly taken and possibly enjoyed – resentful with the pretence of bewilderment.  She is now perfecting this look for future use.

Monster wanted her to take responsibility for her actions.  You don’t make friends by annoying everyone to death, he told her.

So, duly chastised by the cat, she went off looking for someone else to persecute.  The list seem endless at the moment.

Phew!  In my shed asleep.

Please no one tell Floss what Pepper is sleeping on – her blanket.  I can wash it before she comes home. She need never know but it is the charm!

Sleep. I remember sleep.  Tomorrow is another day, I tell myself.



6 thoughts on “Pupdate!

  1. Sam

    Oh no! Pepper seems to be leaving the baby stage and racing towards teenager! All the rules we don’t follow. All the food we won’t eat. All the things/people/critters we can rile up! And then, Poof!, we fall asleep and everyone loves us again…until tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me that when I next add a feline to the house, GET AN ADULT! Still, she is stinking cute!

  2. Elva

    Thank goodness you have Monster to help you! I am surprised Monster has not continuously reminded you that life would have been SO much easier if you had brought home a Border Collie puppy!! However, Pepper looks like she is doing great!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Thanks for catching us up on all the latest of Miss Pepper. The pictures of her sure are cute. Hope she soon learns all those things you are trying to teach her.


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