Minion Time

Winter is always an odd one here. It starts getting dark at about 2pm and it is tempting to think “Well, that’s my day over”.  Taking any halfway decent photos in the afternoon is difficult too.  No light.

But everyone still needs to be checked whether it is daylight or not.  Heads and legs to be counted as well as noseys to be kissed.

The Minions are currently being usefully employed for their eating skills and are residing in a friend’s field, eating it down for her. This is what they do best.

It is a big field so everyone tends to split up.  Various factions.

They  immediately came over when I announced our arrival, plus with waved a bag of carrots.

Carrots are a huge incentive for conversation.

Floss was today’s School Carrot Monitor (is there a badge for this, like Milk Monitor?)

And afterwards, she went round to talk to each pony because that’s what she likes to do.

It is very important that everyone is said hello to.

(Typical Storm!)

Albie loves having his bum scratched.  He asked very politely.

No one was missed out – I may just have not managed to capture a photo.  The light was quickly disappearing and my camera focus kept dropping out.

Anyway, it was nice to say hello to my dear little Minions.

So that’s how you check on a Minion.  You have to go into the field, shovel a carrot in and kiss a nosey! Job done.

9 thoughts on “Minion Time

  1. Lisa

    Oh NO! Dark at 2pm? Yikes….and I thought it getting dark here at 4:30 was tough! I know I feel the “pressure” of getting the outdoor chores complete with fewer hours of daylight-it must be a lot harder for you.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    How come your little ponies’ coats still look fluffy? My little Shetland has been so wet so often recently that his coat has gone into clumps and he hasn’t dried out sufficiently for me to get his coat brushed out and back to being fluffy. And it’s going to rain again tonight and tomorrow. We need a couple of hard frosts!

    I love the Minions!

  3. Shelley

    You have Milk Monitors in the UK? How about Hall Monitors? Drinking fountain Moniters? Our elementary school was full of Monitors in California where I grew up.


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