Minion Photos

The Minions are very photogenic, sometimes.

On this day (yesterday), Albie was wearing a piece of stick in his hair as he wandered towards me to say hello.

Albie has this terrible habit of rushing over with his ears flat back which is very off-putting if you don’t know that he making himself more aerodynamic to get to you quicker, rather than be nasty. Never nasty.  He is not that sort of chap.

Ooof, leetle Newt (his Russian accent is very strong these days).

I just want to hug him because he is the cuddliest pony ever, in theory.

And he also has a little squishy very snoggable nosey.

In practice, Newt tolerates the cuddling.  Remember his Book of Revenge?  Well names are written down, twice for some people.

Ah, Storm.  My cool dude.

He never changes.  Always silly but reliably silly.  An acquired taste.  Only-a-mother-could -love-him type and I do.

Dear Waffle is in team GB for the next Olympics.  His class will be eating – Eating for Britain!  Jeezo, he is fat.  I am secretly hoping for a harsh winter so he can shiver some of his belly fat off.  You could lay six place settings on his back, including full regimental silver, and comfortably seat people round him for dinner!

Silver is not much better to be perfectly honest.  Fatty, fat, fat!

Dearest Tiddles.  Sometimes he is very aloof and then my best friend.  It depends on which side of the bed he got out of in the morning, I guess.

Vitamin is a “wide load”, a large lady getting ready for her Shetland winter.

Fivla and Vitamin remain the best of friends.  They stand together like Agnetha and Frida.

It will be interesting to see if little Lilja wants to rejoin her mother, Hetja, and Brá in winter or stay with the Minions.

4 thoughts on “Minion Photos

  1. Sam

    How sweet that Albie tries to get to you faster. That tome of Newt’s must be in it’s 2nd or 3rd volume by now. he looks rather like a teddy bear clamboring upright. But ALL your Minions are beautiful (tall and small).

  2. Linda Loba

    In my world (1 dog), when her ears are flat against her head, it means she’s relaxed. No problems here if I ever have the honor of Albie running towards me, with ears back!
    P.S. They’re ALL so sweet and cuddly, but Newt is just so…SO…cuddly looking.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I’m rather fickle! Albie was my favourite for ages, then Newt but I think I have a definite soft spot for Tiddles!


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