Informal Introductions

Sóley-the-Foalie, since her eye incident, has been a bit aloof from us.

She likes the idea but mostly bottles out when she comes for a chat.

But luckily now we have a secret weapon, or rather 8 secret weapons…… the Minions!

They, of course, love chatting to anyone – never fussy!  Absolutely anyone will do (or victims as they like to call them) in their opinion is good value.  Lilja is also a very sociable young lady.

Interestingly, Flossie and I decided it was Lilja and Sóley who wanted to talk more to the Minions than the other way round.  Makes a change.

Anyway, add a person into the Shetland Icelandic Meet n’ Greet and then the dynamics become even more interesting.  Look at Sóley wanting to talk but……. just not sure.

And suddenly she gets braver!

“Hello Hooman!”

And swifly becomes “one of us”.

Sóley is rewarded for her bravery efforts.

And, because absolutely no Minion isn’t a people-person,…..

She is back to her brave little foalie self again!

So that didn’t take long.

We were, of course, followed back up the hill in a very determined way.

Lilja looks so much like her dad. Those eyes. That expression.

All together now….

Sisters, sisters,
There were never such devoted sisters.
Never had to have a chaperone, no sir.
Lilja: I’m here to keep my eye on her.

All kinds of weather, we stick together,
the same in the rain or sun.
Two different faces, but in tight places
we think and we act as one. Uh-huh!

Meanwhile Hetja was busy far away stuffing her face!







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