It has been a dreich day.  Dark and dismal.  We are all feeling a bit meh or mediocre.  Probably a virus or something.  Nothing we can put our finger on and not something we are shaking off.


I still went for my walk this afternoon.  Daisy rode Iacs and came too.  It was raining so afterwards, I divested myself of my wet clothes and BeAnne and I went to bed for a bit with the electric blanket.


I could’ve stayed there forever.

Shetland moods

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  The rain is meant to stop and we can do some proper horsey things.  Sometimes everything is just too soggy to touch.


(sorry a short one – but I hope I have made up for it with nice expressive photos)

4 thoughts on “Meh!

  1. bigears

    it’s been rubbish weather here as well, I didn’t manage to get Bud out today or yesterday so like you hoping tomorrow the weather might be a touch better.

    fed up of rain, wind and mud.

  2. Jen Breese

    I love love love the last photo. I agree it is hopeful even tho soggy. Here in California, we’ve had no rain. I wouldn’t mind trading some sun for some rain. 🙂

  3. Linda

    Snuggles, fav her maj, and an electric blanket…yep, that should work! Have some hot chocked with a shot of whiskey when you wake up and all will be fine!


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