The Fat Bastard Girth

This is Iacs before his amazing transformation.  Fat, wet and scruffy.


I gave Daisy, for Christmas, a leather headcollar, a personalised leather girth and a pair of  stirrup leathers.  All made by Jo – They are for Daisy’s Icelandic horse – Iacs or Mr Bimble as he is affectionately known.


Bimble was not too impressed to start with.  He looked like a small boy grudgingly trying on school uniform.

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But once the silly-frilly was bouffed up a bit and he was made a fuss of…..


…. Iacs managed to summon up some enthusiasm for his new bespoke gifts.


Daisy and I even imagined that he looked somewhat thinner and more regal in his new headcollar.  The power of the headcollar!  Tis obviously majikul.


The stirrups were re-fitted with the new leathers and attached to the saddle again in the correct fashion.


Earlier, I pointed out that the girth had a little message on it…..


Daisy’s response – “Thank you so much for my new girth (even if it is for fat bastards), my new stirrup leathers which means I now have even feet (and initialed so certain people, Frances Taylor, can’t steal them!). Iacs looks very nice in his new headcollar, perked up and looked like a proper show pony. 

Fat bastard girth can be available on loan for other fat bastard horses. As they are not few and far between for us.”


We went for a lovely Boxing Day ride with more weather looming.  I spent most of the ride trying to work out what DT stood for – Dog Turds, Dirty Tribbles, Dunking Tables!  It was a superb ride.  Iacs was positively animated – this, again, was the power of the new girth with added equal stirrups!


I don’t know where Daisy thinks these other Fat Bastards are, though.  News to me.


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