Dodgy Neighbours

Today was calm and beautiful.


I heard a scuffle outside so I opened the front door to three boys who were begging.


Daisy, of course, encouraged them.  I blame her entirely.


So the lads tried to barge their way inside.


I do like horses at my door.  OH is not quite so keen and muttered something about not being able to reverse the car as none of the horses would move out of his way. I purposefully stuck my fingers in my ears to ignore the slur on their good characters.  Butter wouldn’t melt.


Poor things were obviously starving and I sent Daisy away for provisions.  They were very grateful but ate it very noisily.


Afterwards, I fed Taktur his Big-And-Strong Stallion mix, Daisy rode Kappi in the school and then we both went for a ride on Haakon and Iacs with BeAnne in tow.  I walked the dogs as well a further 2 miles and am sitting here feeling very smug if a little stiff from all the activity.


It has been an energetic day to make up for yesterday’s slobbery.


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