Meet the Minions

We had some visitors, who came specifically to meet the Minions.

It was lovely to see them and, after a cup of tea and a good chat, I took them over to introduce them to the inmates of Lyradale.

And, of course, I put them to work!

Well, if would be rude not to.  There is winter fur to brush out.

Richard volunteered to brush Tiddles.

He had help.

Perhaps, at times, a bit too much help (note, Silver’s teeth).

But help they did – as is a Minion’s want.

Tiddles has not been brushed much (I cleaned his eyes with cold tea) and appreciated the time spent making him beautiful.

Richard and Tiddles developed a good working relationship.

“You brush, I sniff.”

Meanwhile, Liz had Waffle, amongst others, to beautify.  Previously, she also made a very good job of Silver and Storm.

I attacked Fivla.

Lyra didn’t want to know, though she let Roger talk to her and brush her face – I did her tail while she wasn’t watching.

She was happily playing with old headcollars left lying around.

So like her half-brother, Indy, our stallion, who spent most of his days in the indoor school picking up and putting down things he found. It must be a genetic thing.

Vitamin stayed well away.

As did Delia (though I got to do her tail).  No one minded.  Old ladies must be allowed to be old ladies.

And so, covered with horse hair (there was lots flying around), we left the Minions to enjoy their field with the knowledge of a job well done.

I love volunteers.  They work so hard to make my Minions beautiful and froo-froo!

Thank you for visiting.  Come again!  Please, any time! (I mean it!)

3 thoughts on “Meet the Minions

  1. Sam

    Jealous! The Minions do look lovely after the Spa Day. Lyra’s “I pick things up and put them down” cracks me up. Perhaps Silver wanted more brushing? Tiddles looks grand!

  2. Terri

    Yesterday/today I flew across the pond via polar route to Amsterdam. At 7:00am I woke up, directly over Lerwick (really, it said so on the screen!). I thought first about the Minions and smiled. Then I thought about all the other wonderful creatures at Thordale and you going about your daily chores, feeding, grooming, training, cleaning up. I should have parachuted down and helped out! Maybe next time….

  3. Sarah spencer

    So glad this happened. Thank you so much Frances for sorting this with my mum and dad 🙂 maybe I can visit next time I go see them. Best wishes, Sarah


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