Delia’s New Friends

So, while the little boys were making new friends…..

…. we took Delia to join her friends over at Lyradale.  They were very happy to see her and so was she.

I think she had had enough of looking after little baby boys.  I don’t blame her. They were beginning to be annoying.

We had recently given the little ones access to the green field area (recently vacated by Hetja and Brá) and they happily showed Delia around.

It was lovely to see this little Shetland pony herd so happy to see their Delia again.  She has played an important part in everyone’s lives.

Again, everyone is still checked daily and I am now lugging water for 8 Shetland ponies in case no one remembers there is an adjoining field, with open gates now, that has numerous streams a ruddy great big loch in the middle!

Yup, they all crowd and drink the water I bring.  There are three big buckets filled.

But I don’t want Delia to have to walk forever looking for water.  So, family motto, “whatever it takes”.

It mostly takes my back.

5 thoughts on “Delia’s New Friends

  1. Sam

    How grand that Delia is back with her gang! Sorry your back is taking the brunt of this move, but look how happy they all are!

  2. Helen

    This wonderful saga and all the amazing photos would make a great real life story book for children. ( I am already hooked) – can’t wait to hear more about Delia and the whole Dynasty but my true love is little Albi! More please!


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