On my travels, I saw a Redwing (Turdus iliacus). I’ve never seen one before and interestingly enough, they are the UK’s smallest true thrush as well as being “routine transients” (someone else’s posh words, not mine!) I looked him up.


So today, though windy, was the day I measured The Minions for their potential winter rugs.  I am not a fan of rugging and believe that nature gave ponies, especially native ones, the coat to get them through any weather.


But this lot, mostly Storm, are different.  They have not had the start they should have had and I don’t know if their health is compromised because of this.  I worry about Storm.  It wouldn’t take much for him to start losing weight and I am going to feed him daily to try and keep the weight on.  The other two, Silver and Waffle, will obviously be regularly assessed and, at present, do not need extra grub.  They are doing fine.  Storm can be fed when Taktur is fed.


I measured them all and they were all very good about it, offering to help including holding the measuring tape.

Then Jo popped round and measured again.  She knows more about horse/pony rugs than me.  Her measurements were 3 inches more and, as she rightly said, better too big than too small.  I like the high neck turnout rugs but can’t find any for their sizes.  I will keep trawling t’net.


Official stats:

Silver is 33″ high and 44″ long (middle of chest to tail)
Waffle is 32″ high and 43″ long
Storm is 31.5″ high and 41′ long


I am dreading winter.  I hope it is not going to be fierce.


My little boys are going to need careful looking after.




6 thoughts on “Measuring

  1. Linda

    Well, at least you had BeAnn there to supervise! Great video – the music suited the situation perfectly…
    (I see that Storm is a bit smaller…)

  2. Becky

    My daughter’s first pony was a little rescue shetland who we nearly lost to pneumonia soon after we got him so had to rug! I found the bucas pony rugs were a really good shetland fit but he was a little bigger than yours. The equine clothing company are also really good and as they make them themselves go really tiny (and they do high neck). Good luck.

  3. Lauren Doughton

    I think Dinky Rugs do high necked rugs in a variety of weeny sizes. Ruggles are also good for the weenies – but I found the dinky rugs were a better size for my minis.

  4. roberta earley

    They are in safe hands. We live in OZ, Victoria and rug the bairns (2 shetlands) 10C is our rugs are on, or inclement weather. Mini rugs might be the go. I have never met them, but love them to bits.


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