Storm by Name but not by Nature

I found my little Minion all by himself.  The others had all come up to gaze over the fence at Taktur having his special stallion food.

I hate seeing anyone on their own, so I went to investigate with a carrot.  Storm seemed ok (not brilliant), very damp, and rather subdued.


He does hate walking through the mud while everyone else just gallops through it.


Silver and Waffle were fine and very cheerful, alternating between ignoring each other and then playing together.


Storm didn’t want to know and stood by Haakon, not even trying to annoy him, so something must be up.


Then and there I made the executive decision to move The Minions back into their old paddock where there is their nice dry shed with rubber matting and straw.

I also opened the gate into the bigger park so they can run and run if they want.


I gave them a big haynet and they tried to eat the black string so then I had to show them what to do by pulling out tufts of hay.


They got the idea.


I just want them dry out a bit, especially dear little Storm. He suddenly seems far more vulnerable than the other two.


Storm followed me into the shed and dropped for a nice roll.


He then spied his toys, had a quick play….


And then surveyed his world.  I might buy him a rug for the winter but I fear two small friends might make it their mission to eat it.


When I left, Storm seemed much more cheerful.  I will take them each a big bowl of food tonight before I kiss them goodnight.

I hate seeing my little boy miserable.

9 thoughts on “Storm by Name but not by Nature

  1. bigears

    poor wee man, our donkeys hate the mud and bad weather, they tend to stay on the yard – they have a big bale hay in their stable and are luxuriating in it!

  2. Linda

    I wonder if the weather and the mud brought back some kind of memories for him, of where he and his brothers were, before you rescued them?

  3. Frances Post author

    I wondered that, Linda.

    I also wondered whether I could put him in the house and whether OH would notice…….

    1. Linda

      Oh, surely you could just place him in a corner somewhere, maybe drape a pretty blanket over him, and he’d never be noticed… 😉

  4. Linda

    Me too I hate seeing them sad or lonesome. Good they have protection with their little wee house. I appreciate all you do for them Frances!

  5. Sam

    I think Linda is right…perhaps too close to “what was” for Storm. And I do think a lovely chintz drape over Storm and no one will be the wiser to the new “ottoman”!

  6. Terri

    Yes, perhaps Storm senses the change in the seasons and it subconsciously elicits unhappy memories….I suspect horses and ponies are much more sensitive than one might think. How lucky yours are to have such a kind owner as you! Storm, Waffle, and Silver definitely need more TLC than other ponies, especially this year — they have come a long way under your observant care. You anticipate their every need. You have done an incredible job of restoring them to health and happiness, thank you so much.


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