Spotted Hankies Packed

At some unearthly hour this morning, I received a phone call from the ferry company saying they were taking livestock. Huzzah!  At last.

So, after lunch, we brought Lilja and Sóley into the stable for the last time.  While Floss distracted everyone else with early haynets, I gave the girls a brush.  Manes and tails mostly.

I spent my time telling them I loved them very much and to be there for each other on their long journey south and to be good and kind to their new owners but most of all, make me proud.

They listened.

Then we loaded them using our usual bucket-of-feed method to which I had attached string so Floss could haul the buckets up once finished and we could set off knowing they didn’t have them rolling around their legs during the journey.

This method worked extraordinarily well.  I was pleased with my invention.

So loaded up, we set off. I took it very slowly giving us lots of time to get to the ferry port at Lerwick.

Once there, the gates were open and the girls were handed over. It was all very quick. The men were waiting for us, so I only managed a quick kiss good bye on their noseys (Lilja and Sóley, not the men!)

The boat will sail later this evening.

And the girls were loaded straight into their livestock container which had been prepared for their arrival with hay and water.

Travel safe, ladies.  Make me proud (*** sniff ***)

7 thoughts on “Spotted Hankies Packed

  1. Sam

    Very loud sniff…or three…brave girlies going off on new adventures to do Muzzah proud. Safe travels!!
    Time for an adult beverage…sniff.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Brought a bit of a tear to my eye, too! Hope they get to their new home safely and settle in well. Perhaps we’ll get to hear how they get on? I hope so.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Awww,….I hope they both travel safely and get to their destination in good shape. I do hope we’ll get some updates from time to time on them. Such beautiful horses. Good job Frances, even though I hated to see them go.

  4. Louise Stopford

    Made me feel emotional to and brought a lump to my throat. Beautiful girls – have a wonderful new life and I am sure you will both be very missed indeed. I can’t stand goodbyes, especially where animals are concerned. I think you and Floss were very brave and you have both done a marvellous job bringing up those gorgeous ladies. Sniff, sniff and more sniff!!!


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