Many to Thank

It was a long haul but the boys are fine.  We made it home safe and well.

Last night’s crossing was, well, interesting for a couple of hours between Orkney and Fair Isle – Force 8 gusting 9.

When we got home, I dropped Daisy and Kappi off at the top of the track while we took Waffle on to join the Minions.  He galloped round and round his field with his friends.

I have so many folk to thank for all their effort.

OH held the fort (and even painted the bathroom!) admirably.  While we were away, BeAnne went into a decline, barely eating.

Apparently she spent most of her week outside waiting for us to come home.

The Monster was thrilled at our absence as it meant he had OH to himself (mostly showing his appreciation at 03:00).  He also enjoyed BeAnne’s decline into her Slough of Despond.

There was a white cat at the showground who we considered an omen.

Who else?  Thank you to Karen for looking to the horses and ponies in Sandness.  Knowing Karen was counting legs, checking nose-kissing abilities and topping up the water was a huge relief.

Thank you to Northlink for their sponsorship and real help.  They found a cabin and space for us and the horses when we decided to go a day early.

Northlink also carefully positioned our van last night in the dead centre of the boat so that the horses had a comfortable journey despite the fiersome weather.  Awesome organising skills, there.

A huge thank you to Pentland Hills Icelandic Horses who gave the boys the best livery.  Without them, we wouldn’t have gone.

During our stay, I seriously coveted a beautiful dun Icelandic gelding.  He caught my eye and if I could’ve fitted him in the horse van (swap for Waffle?), I would’ve taken him home.  If you want a good strong well-brought up Icelandic horse – go visit. I dare you to leave empty handed.

Thank you to everyone at The Allan Ramsay Hotel in Carlops where we always stay. I love this hotel.  The food is superb, we were comfortable and made to feel very at home.

I highly recommend all the food!

Mr and Mrs Aitken at West Tarf for hosting the IHSGB Summer Festival and British Championships.

And to the organisers – wow!  Just wow!  A logistical nightmare perfectly executed.

(Judge and writer dancing along to The Village People YMCA!)

Who else? – Flossie.  She fetched, carried, tacked up, groomed, did everything asked with a smile.  What can I say?  She was truly awesome.

To everyone who supported Daisy and Kappi. Team Shetland is a force to be reckoned with!

It was great to see everyone again.  Same time, next year, I hope.

And lastly the biggest thank you to Bjørn Roar Larsen, FEIF Riding Instructor/Trainer Level 3, who made our success possible.  Without him, we couldn’t achieve this.

Sniff, sniff – I love you guys!

12 thoughts on “Many to Thank

  1. Lisa

    WOW….I have experienced a Force 8 coming back on a ferry from The Scilly Isles…so glad that the equines were such good travelers!

  2. Celeste Nossiter

    Congratulations on all the wins, ribbons and awards! Well done! Daisy, it looked like you behind never left the saddle no matter what gait, I was seriously impressed. You and Flossie are amazing!

  3. Sam

    It truly takes a village! Well done to Northlink for the room and care on the ride home.
    Well done to Bjorn for teaching you all. As a Costume Designer and occasional dog show Trophy Babe, thank you for mentioning all the “back stage” staff. They work hard and are often not thanked. And…well.. CONGRATS TO DAISY, KAPPI AND TEAM SHETLAND on the wins!!!!!!!

  4. Carol E

    Great to hear you are home safe and sound, and burdened with prizes! How nice that Northlink could accommodate your equines. I’m sure Her Maj will get over her sulks soon, especially if Monster is encroaching.

    Rest well!!

  5. Robyn

    So proud of Team Shetland. An inspiring family team. Congratulations to Daisy and Kappi supported by Flossie and mum. Well done all of you.

  6. Nancy

    Wow!! So many helpful hands!!
    I think the results speak for themselves!
    Glad to see you are back at home, safe and sound, after such a rough journey.
    Congratulations again!!

  7. diane in northern wis

    How wonderful! Sorry about the boat ride….but so glad you’ve all arrived safe and sound. Thanks for an exciting blog and loved your many thank yous! Congratulations again to you all!


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