Mañana, Newt, mañana

Daisy and I were “doing feet” all morning.  There were four ponies outstanding on our list and we decided we only really had the strength to do three – Waffle, Storm and Silver.

Newt could wait for another day. Mañana, Newt, mañana.

But Newt didn’t want to wait for another day.

So we told him that, if he really was still around “helping” when we had finished Silver, that we would trim and rasp his little toe-toes too.

This time Silver stayed and watched.

The others had long gone, though Fivla was back at the first snap of a carrot. She may be old but she has the hearing of a bat!

After lunch, me and my new camera went for a little drive – the scenic route after popping into the nearby village.

My camera is known as a “street” camera but I am struggling to find a street!

However, I found in the car a large box delivered some time today.  In it was a Horslyx Smallholder mineral block for the sheeple.

Harry and ‘Ster had first dibs.

And then Edna got stuck in.

She likes a lick, does Edna!


2 thoughts on “Mañana, Newt, mañana

  1. Claire

    Your camera will serve you well—such beautiful color and crisp photos. It was a very enjoyable read today.


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