Made this Filum, Like you Do!

I made this filum, like I do.

I thought it would only take ten minutes, tops, to put together because I make filums all the time.

Ten hours later and half a bottle of gin, a packet of Bahlsen Choco Leibniz and some Quavers, I have produced this master-piece which, no doubt, will be taken off YouTube in seconds because of the music.

Anywho, I hope you get to see it before it is removed and I hope you enjoy it – including the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it.  Ten minutes – my arse.  I gave a whole day of my life for this filum.

Ho hum, the gin was lovely, the biscuits were adequate and I am now the proud owner of Movavi Video Editor 3 because a technical glitch meant my computer would not work with the movie video editor that was made for it.  I hate computer guff.

So, do I need more biscuits or more gin?  My jury is still out.

7 thoughts on “Made this Filum, Like you Do!

  1. John Davies

    Wonderful my dear Frances; sounds like you worked harder than the horse mom. . .well probably not! I posted a link on my Facebook so my other friends can be introduced to your muse and talent!

  2. Nicky Callam

    Lovely video though not my sort of music. For me not even Mozart can equal the tender and loving sound of a dam saying ‘hello my darling’ to her new born foal.


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