Lyra’s Peer Group

See this electric fence?  Every single pony in the field (all 7) had broken through and were playing on the track.


It was our own fault.  The electric fence energiser was not working and we had taken it home to mend.  We stupidly thought that with all the grass being on one side, they wouldn’t bother crossing the fence.


Oh, but they did.  I received a phone call this morning telling me everyone was dancing around on the track.


By the time we arrived with the mended energiser, they had been put back into the field but we could see them thinking “ha, ha, not for long”.

And I am sorry but I inwardly smiled when there was the sound of “thwack” – nosey on fence. This mare was very unimpressed.  They each tried it out.


Lyra is in with this group. They are all about her age and it will do her good to be with these girls.

BN2A8744 BN2A8746

She hasn’t been with young mares/filles for a while so she is watching everyone and trying to find her place in the herd.

BN2A8748  BN2A8751

I tried to describe Lyra to a friend who is keeping an eye on her, and the best I could do was “well, she is black, with ringlet-like ends to her mane”.


I should’ve just said – “she is the one you will never get near because you aren’t Daisy”.


So now let’s hope all ideas of escape are gone as the girls realise that fence is on and I mean business.


All I have done today is run round after ponies.  The b****y Old Bats went and “come-hithered” to Taktur who ran up and down the fence screaming his head off.  They are now in the stable and I am covered in mud.  They can go out with Hetja tomorrow.


Fed up. I want to keep goldfish.

4 thoughts on “Lyra’s Peer Group

  1. jan

    You don’t really want goldfish, do you?! They all look wonderful and so well looked after. Also life would be boring without the Minions.

  2. Terri

    That last photo makes up for all the bother of keeping horses, doesn’t it? Plus, they all love you…even Lyra I suspect.

  3. Sam

    Goldfish?!?! Why? They don’t challenge you about food, boyfriends, brat packs, to rug or not to rug, carrots – yum!, is it a sheep or a small LambDog? Where’s the lick? How can we annoy Frances today? Wear a sweater? Sure!
    These adorably annoying critters are yours and you graciously share them with us.
    Thank you!


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