Total Dilemma

So I find these two urchins wandering around outside the house begging to go into the stable.  I must’ve not shut the gate properly at some time and they found out and exploited my error.


They dashed into the stable offering to clear up any leftovers.


I shut the gate on them and left them to it.


Next “The Old Bats”, as they are now known came rushing over from their 25 acre field to tell me they hated the rain, the mud and the grass was not long enough.  But mostly they hated their shed (ex-Minion) that is stuffed full of silage and hay,  from which they can come and go at choice.

So I directed them to the stable where the Minions were.  They side-stepped that idea completely and rushed off to hang around by the outside of the house.


This is not ideal as there is a stallion at the bottom of this hill.  To be fair, Taktur lifted his head, nodded and then went back to eating.


So, for the time being, the Old Bats are allowed here if they promise not to give Taktur any “come hither” looks.


And my dilemma?

Do I force the ladies into a stable despite their utter loathing of them?  Will their bodies work better if their internal furnaces are working and I let them stay outside where there is plenty of available shelter either in or out.  Delia gets a good feed twice a day.  Vitamin thinks she does!

I will get the others in, I think, tonight.  Hetja et al get the indoor school while Taktur and his lot get the stable. There will have to be much juggling to achieve this.

Why is my life so complicated?

3 thoughts on “Total Dilemma

  1. Linda K

    The old bats?? I protest on their behalf!
    Surely the girls would use the shed if the weather was cold enough? Perhaps they could share with Hetja, Hjalti, Silver and Waffle.

  2. Sam

    Your life is complicated because you care about the Minions, Urchins and Old Bats.
    Think like a Boarding School Mistress – who plays well with whom. Then stable them together.
    The Poor Urchins were most sad with their artistically placed mud.


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