Esja’s first ride out

Esja went for her first ride out.  She has been backed/trained in the indoor school and her 1/2 mile walk to Thordale.   Bjørn Roar Larsen, her trainer, has taken everything slowly and, totally based on Esja’s progress, today was considered an auspicious day.


I accompanied Esja/Bjørn on Haakon, who I chose carefully as the safest and calmest option, after careful thought and consideration.

Fool, that I was.  The ears tell a different story.


Esja was hoof-perfect.  The proof is Bjørn’s cheesey grin.  He said she felt incredibly safe and he trusted her completely.

IMG_0295 IMG_0299

Even Tiddles running up and down the fence, plus meeting Delia and Vitamin in their grazing field, had no effect on Esja.


She tölted beautifully when asked, trotted enthusiastically up the hill and enjoyed herself immensely.


Haakon, on the other hand, was horrible.  He bounced, threatened, wanted to go fast, refused to walk slowly or nicely, and we fought every inch of the way to the point I was jealous of Bjørn and the nice time he was obviously having.


We didn’t go far – a few miles in walk, trot and tölt (Esja) while Haakon did what is known as “indignant chicken”.


So, well done Esja and Bjørn.

Maybe I should sell Haakon and keep Esja as my riding horse.  At least I would have a nice peaceful ride without any histrionics keeping me on my toes.  I even told the old fool that I would prefer to get off and walk home than ride him and that is my ultimate threat.


3 thoughts on “Esja’s first ride out

  1. jan

    No you don’t really want to sell him, he’s perhaps a bit jealous of all the attention paid, quite rightly to esja. Have a g and t and sleep on it.

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