Trial #2

Here are a few more pictures from the other day.  More foals and some mares – how I suffer.

I sat down outside, while Bjørn, the owner of Bergli Stud, was getting the other Shetland ponies ready for their photos and I didn’t have to wait very long.

The little “peoples” came up to talk to me almost immediately.

Being me, of course I had to take some photos even though they were not needed.

Yes, there were a few nose-kisseys.  This is an important part of foal education and the least I can do!

I think this was mother and she watched her baby make a new friend out of me.

This little spud was divine. Enchantment.

I loved the beard.

And so, while I waited, I took a few snaps of the other ladies who were around, peacefully munching on the Shetland Autumn grass.

It was all very peaceful.  For actual therapy, I don’t think there is any better sound than listening to ponies eat grass while you sit hugging foals.  It has got to be at the top somewhere for me.

I do suffer for my photos, you know.

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