Lie Back and Look Up

The weather has been fairly kind recently so if I have any spare minutes, I grab my coat for something to lie on and spend time in the ponies’ field.


There are nine chaps there at the moment and they like to come over while I lie on the grass, one at a time or even two, for an investigation and a chat.


It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, just lying on my back, with furry noses to kiss.  Of course The Minions are always first up.  They like to stand over me and either undo shoe laces or chew wellyboots.

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I rarely feel worried.  No one stamps or barges.  Manners are perfect with perhaps the odd nibble.  Quite often the ponies drift off to sleep standing above or beside me.



Anyway, it is very peaceful lying in the Shetland grass with the sun shining surrounded by a herd of grazing ponies and horses munching.


For me, a Shetland field is made perfect with a Shetland pony standing next to me (* or Welsh Section A or Icelandic horse – delete where applicable)


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