The Minions’ Film Debut

At the crack of sparrows, Jo arrived and we tied up our future film stars so we could go in and out of the indoor school without them rolling in the sand.


Once loaded up with Minions, carrots, poop-scoops, hay-nets etc, we drove to the location to find the film crew had already started on the human side of things.


An Internet Documentary was being made for Vodafone and I had been asked if they could use The Minions in a couple of scenes.


A little bit of waiting and then it was Storm, Silver and Waffle’s turn.  So they walked out of their  trailer ready for their “starring” role.


The boys had a paparazzi following and posed for their pictures like pros.  Someone said they were obviously used to having their photo taken a great deal (cough *** mebbe *** cough!)

L1130216 L1130218

And so they filmed their big part, again and again and again. I would say that this was the first time the Minions had ever met a bus-stop, a camera crew, a pavement, a road, a parked bus, lines on the road, etc.  At one stage, a huge bus came whizzing past and they didn’t even blink.  It was like they were born to act.

L1130219 L1130227

We rewarded their work with copious amounts of chopped carrots and apples.


Next it was the scene in the hill park.

L1130243 L1130250

Lots of arranging and re-arranging according to the light, shadows and scenery.


The boys happily led wherever they were taken and, again, just got on with their job.


(I love Waffle’s sneaky nibble).


And then Storm’s hopeful one.

L1130276   L1130288

At the end everyone wanted their photo taken with the Minions – The producer


The Director!


I am so proud of my little Minions.  They behaved impeccably and this was mentioned more than once.


Obviously we lead them around everyday up and down main roads in front of film crews making Vodafone Internet Documentaries – she says blazély

8 thoughts on “The Minions’ Film Debut

  1. roberta earley

    Yes they need their own video, please announce on your blog when the ad is on so us in the antipodes can utube it.
    ps they behaved beautifully you should be a proud mum


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