Letting The Side Down

So this morning, I suggested to my remaining daughter, Flossie, that we would go for a ride (if she wanted).

As Iacs needed shoes, it was not fair to ride him so I thought Flossie would be fine on Klaengur as we would just be plodding up the road and down again.

Sadly, Klaengur had other ideas and was a berk.  He was all fast and scary and, as he raced past me, I grabbed him and Floss got off looking visibly shocked.  I felt awful. I had made a bad decision and I didn’t want to put her off riding.

Bless her, Flossie still wanted to go out, so I bunged her on Haakon, gave him “The Look” and we went out with me on Klaengur who was obviously on mind-altering bouncy drugs.


Floss had lost her nerve after the Klaengur debacle so I told her to hold onto the pommel of the saddle with one hand and the reins with the other.  Haakon plodded like a beach donkey carrying raw eggs.  I love that horse.  He always knows.


We came home with a smile on our faces and Floss’ confidence restored.


After a restorative lunch, we went to see Klaengur and the others in their field.


BeAnne discovered a rabbit hole that needed excavation.


The Minions were bewitched and stood watching a professional Patterdale terrier at work!


If they investigated a bit too much, a Monster From the Deep would appear to tell them off!


Meanwhile, Flossie and Klaengur were talking..

She explained to him that his behaviour was scary…..


And that it had upset and frightened her….


… and then they made friends again.


The Monster From The Deep went for a swim, ….


…… Had a shake.


And returned to her usual beautiful (?) self.



2 thoughts on “Letting The Side Down

  1. Bigears

    what a silly boy he was! they can just surprise you can’t they

    Beanne looks as though she was having a thoroughly wonderful time.


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