The Viking Shetland Pony Show 2015

Every year the Shetland Pony Breeders of Shetland host The Viking Shetland Pony Show in Lerwick.


I went off this morning armed with my camera to the Show.

How many horse shows have this for a view? Perfect.


Anywho, the first ponies to grab my eye/camera were Fivla, Charlie and Andy in the ridden ring.  They were very happy with their young jockeys who were doing very well.  So proud (sniff).

BN2A9883 BN2A9873 BN2A9855

Then I pottered about generally taking photos of ponies that grabbed me for various reasons.  If you know me, you will know I am very keen on whiskers and happy faces…..


…. and anyone snoozing!

BN2A9965  BN2A0030

My friends were in the ring and doing very well.

BN2A9911 BN2A9962

There is the serious side to showing.

BN2A9971 BN2A9994

And the fun side (when no one is watching).

BN2A9982   BN2A0017

The bit about showing that matters most to me is to say thank you to your pony afterwards. So important.


She deserved her win.  A lovely girl.


While I was a-wandering, I came across this gentleman talking to Andy, who was tied, with his friends, around their trailer.


For me, these Shetland ponies are the unsung heroes.  They are the real ambassadors for the breed.  So what if they don’t win huge prizes – they are 100% reliable and trustworthy in any situation and I was very proud of Andy.  He was a true gentleman.  You can’t really ask more of a Shetland pony.


It was a good day and I saw old friends, met new folk and generally enjoyed myself.


4 thoughts on “The Viking Shetland Pony Show 2015

  1. Rebecca Final

    How could one NOT enjoy themselves with all those lovely ponies around. I would so love to spend a day at this event.

  2. Mandy Sargeant

    Lovely photos. There were so many good ponies at the Viking Show.
    Good weather and lovely friendly breeders and exhibitors. Well done Shetland.

  3. darby

    this is just cuteness overload but I’m not complaining!
    missed yesterday’s post so wishing Daisy the best in her job.


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