A Friend

I have the car today (flute lesson) so I took the opportunity to go and see my little Icelandic boy, Hjalti.  When I arrived, I saw that everyone was at the top of the hill in their enormous field.


So I struggled up to the top, huge camera in hand and found two little boys.


This is Hjalti’s new best friend, a Shetland gelding (not mine) who is now in residence.


Hetja is very happy with this arrangement and leaves the little boys to play all day, but she does keep an eye out.


The little Shetland gelding is very friendly and hopefully he will teach Hjalti how to talk and make friends too.


Hjalti is remains aloof but interested in everything going on with or without him.


It was lovely to see the boys play, though.  Hjalti has been desperate for a friend for a long time. We were all very sad when the Shetland mare and foal did not work out.

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This one, however, seems just the right size.



3 thoughts on “A Friend

  1. Bigears

    I always felt Fleurette missed out as she spent her first year only with her mum, but her mum made it clear that this was non-negotiable and with the size of Suze’s butt and hooves, you didn’t really want her to get into a kicking match with another horse so we just had to leave be.

    They look very happy together!

  2. Linda

    Hooray for Hjalti, finding a friend to play with. His “baby” coat is so cute, I’m sure what’s underneath is beautiful.
    Also beautiful, are the marking on his new friend!


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