While, I was busy cooking Belgian chocolate cake this morning, Daisy very kindly gave Flossie a riding lesson on Klængur.

Once I had finished, I went into the school to see how they were getting on.  They were concentrating on Floss’ riding position.

As usual, everyone wanted to be involved.

BeAnne brought Daisy a piece of hoof-trimming.  Her favourite food (BeAnne’s, not Daisy’s)

The sheeps wanted in because living in a field is not what sheep do, apparently.

Feeling generous, I let the Boyzens out so they could come and “help”.

Or check out everything.  Lambie, this is a bucket of ropes.  Not food.

‘Ster decided to be a cone in the corner.  Something for Flossie to ride around.

‘Bert walked alongside.

Lambie offered kisses.

The Boyzens were on top form or getting in the way, depending on your perspective.

‘Ster is still very keen on being with people.  He is obsessed about never being on his own and shouts loudly if he loses the others.  As a lamb, he was kept by himself and he will never forget.

‘Bert is very much one of the boys now. He remembers everything he did when he lived with us.  He is settled and happy now. His nervousness has gone and he even bounces when I call him home.  He is a very honest little chap.

Lambie is always the same.  He is a sheep with no fear, no natural panic and is curious about everything.  He loves everyone and he smiles all the time.

This is Lambie trying to get his Christmas treats from Flossie!  When he jumps up for his treats (I know he shouldn’t but he does), he can support his own weight by balancing on his back legs.  Very clever.

So while Floss was finishing up, I was taking lots of photos of my Boyzenberries.

They are such dudes.

7 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Linda

    Love the update on the Boyz – 3 different personalities, all just wonderful!
    (I believe another word for “getting in the way” is definitely “helping”)

  2. Terri

    Always love hearing about the ‘Boyz in the [Thor]Dale’! ‘Bert coming home is one of the highlights of 2016, no?

  3. The Green Dogs

    Adorable little dollops! I wish my sheep could come and “help” me with things, but it’s far too easy for them here to get to a very busy main road. The occasional supervised excursion around the yard will have to do.


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