Les Grandes Dames

Ok, I have almost stopped calling them The Old Bats, but only because Delia and Vitamin are very sweet and they make me smile.

This was until I was picking up some hay in their shed to put in the haynet when Delia stormed in taking me with her. I was reminded of the old lady pushing to the front of the bus queue.


Mud is everywhere.  My life is mud, my house is mud and I am probably made of mud by now or at least have the beginnings of trench foot.  OH has kindly spent a good part of his morning scraping away as much mud as as possible so that Les Grandes Dames are standing on boulder rock rather than slurry.


From this angle, I don’t think either of them are looking too bad.  Delia is on the left, while Vitamin is blacker and is mostly wearing hay.


Their Boudoir (or Minion Shed) is much loved and I am seriously considering asking OH to paint it pink to suit the mood and the lifestyle.


Les Grandes Dames have finally discovered the shed’s charm and use to it to shelter from the bad weather.  When it gets properly cold again, I will put Delia’s rug back on but she has much more of a sparkle in her eye when she is not wearing it and tends to venture forth into the big field round the back.  I took the rug into my house to dry and it weighed a ton, with all the water on or in it.

Delia’s glint …..


Vitamin is so like her son, Indy.  Same silly grin!


So onwards and upwards.  Rugs on, rugs off, food in, muck out, me splat!


4 thoughts on “Les Grandes Dames

  1. Kim

    That first picture is grand! I may save it to my ‘puter and look at it every time I’m feeling a bit low. 😀 😀 😀 The sky in the last picture—fabulous!


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