Lambie Sweet Lambie

Do you remember this little Lambie?


And all his trials and tribulations?


The terrible joint-ill that took numerous visits to the vet, daily injections of antibiotics and endless physio, comfrey poultice and joint massages?


Do you remember that he was so small, he could fit in a foot warmer.


And BeAnne was his furry Mother…..


And I was his human Mother (or Muzzah, as he calls me – with his slight German accent).  Every evening, he would sit on my shoulder or my lap and go to sleep while I massaged away the old rock-solid sheep scour using melted coconut oil.


I was desperate to get Lambie to eat and would leave little things to tempt him as well as feed him endlessly small amounts of “bottle”.


Well, Lambie is not so little anymore!


He has beautiful thick ringlet wool.


He has two best friends and they are a happy little flock.


And in return for all the love I gave him, Lambie has taken little Lambster under his woolly wing.  They are the best of friends and Lambie is teaching him all he knows.  They play gentle butting games together and it is a joy to watch little Lambster coming out of his shell.  He had a very poor start in life.


I have said it before and I will probably say it again, but sheep are very under-estimated.  Lambie has brought such joy into my life.  He is one of the best members of the family.  His loyalty and devotion know no bounds and his happy optimistic cheeriness would put a smile on the most hardened soul.


9 thoughts on “Lambie Sweet Lambie

  1. Terri

    It is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., and, among other things, I am thankful for people such as you, Frances, who care so much about living creatures. Your selfless devotion is admirable. Lambie was one lucky lamb! (as well as his two best friends) xo

  2. Linda K

    Yes, a very lucky boy, as they all are and wasn’t he worth all the time, effort and tlc.
    Will he be sheared eventually? I’m thinking thats a lot of woolly jumpers.

  3. Vivienne

    Great to hear other family members have accents….one of my cats sounds like James Stewart and the others are Vietnamese or occasionally aristocratic English (depending on their mood) Lassie has a hybrid Spanish sort of thing going on….

  4. RiderWriter

    I am absolutely enchanted with your Lambie and would adore to have a pet sheep of my own… no convincing needed here! 😉


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