Lerwick Today

To Lerwick for another long dentist appointment.  Needs must for one poor member of my family but I am a willing taxi driver.

To make up for the dental agonies, this was our lunchtime view.  We were parked on Victoria Pier over looking Bressay slip, the little harbour surrounded by the Lodberries where Jimmy Perez of the TV series “Shetland” lived.

The other way looking northerly is Albert Dock – the blue boat is the Bressay ro-ro (roll on, roll off) ferry which nips across Bressay Sound many times every day carrying cars and passengers.

The green vessel is “The Swan”.  Launched in Shetland in 1900 The Fifie Swan LK 243  was considered as “one of the finest fishing boats afloat in the North of Scotland”.  Fully restored and working as a charter, sail training or weekend sailing boat.  The Swan is magnificent and very special.

Now looking towards the northerly approach to Bressay Sound.

Lunch finished, all evidence destroyed, we went walked up Commercial Street.  I popped into the Tourist Office to see if they needed more leaflets. It was nice to see Fivla in pride of place.  She really stands out.

On the desk are the official Visit Scotland postcards – please do say if you want me to get some and send them to you.  Happy to do it.  No bother at all.

And then the magnificent teatowel.  Again, happy to purchase and post – I cant remember how much they were but I can easily find out.

So I am pleased we are increasing our presence on the Street.  The girls’ fame lives on.  I just hope no one is too disappointed that Fivla is not a glowing white these days and Vitamin is a bit greyer around her face.  Old age catches up with us all.


12 thoughts on “Lerwick Today

    1. Frances Post author

      Tea towels are £6.40 plus postage. Let me know if you want me to buy and post to you. xx

      1. Chris Neef

        Yes, I would like 6 tea towels. My address is:

        Chris Neef
        6024 Redondo Sierra Vista NE
        Rio Rancho, New Mexico. 87144. USA

        Let me know how to send payment. Thanks so much!

    1. Frances Post author

      Postcards are 50p for one or £1.00 for three. Let me know if you want me to purchase on your behalf. Newt and Lambie may have unusual signatures…….

  1. Kerry

    Hi Frances,
    Funnily enough we have just finished rewatching series 4 of Shetland (to make up for not being up there yet). AND I have had that postcard of your ponies pinned up by our phone for years, never thinking for I minute I would meet them or their owner.

    Your PoS displays look great and hope all goes well with all your ventures this summer

  2. Sharyne Picone

    Hello Frances, I also would like to purchase 4 tea towels however I am in Australia. Could you be kind enough to let me know how much inclusive of postage, thankyou. Kind regards Sharyne

    1. Frances Post author

      Teatowels are £6.40 each. Next time I am in Lerwick, if you want, I will buy them, package them up and send them to you. Hope this is ok. Let me know your address. You can pay me back once posted if that is ok. Fx


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