A Round Up

Someone recently asked me how I am getting along with all my little ventures so here is a brief round-up.

The needle-felting is coming along strong.  My metier, I have discovered, is puffins and sheep.  That is what I am good at and I can make them fairly easily.

These are some puffins about to go off into the big bad world.

And here are my sheep in their nearly-finished point of sale box.  Just a few more to make and the little banner to get printed and they’re off to a posh shop in Lerwick.


The banner to get printed….

I also made this little chap. I can’t sell him in the Lerwick shop as he is not 100% Shetland wool but has divine yearling Wensleydale sheep curls.  He is very handsome.  I want to make more sheep like this and have ordered black curls as well.  Let me know if you want to order a curly sheeple and I will happily make you one, two, three…. a flock – email me with your order.

Curly Wurly Sheep – £22.00 (sadly curls cost)

The Minion visitors are beginning to arrive now.

We have bookings for later in the year and I will go and distribute more leaflets in town this week.  Most places are very keen to promote us which is lovely and very encouraging.

The grass is growing.  Everyone is very relaxed and happy.  No sign of babies yet but it is a bit early according to my diary.

Haakon’s hooves are healing well.  I looked at them carefully and could see two ginormous cracks where the abscesses burst through.  I am glad it wasn’t laminitis, though.  That is far worse and can leave permanent damage.

So all is well really.

End of brief round-up (thank you for asking)



3 thoughts on “A Round Up

  1. Dona

    Your little felted animals are amazing! So cute, colorful and detailed. A true felt artist! They will sell well. Don’t price them too low!

  2. Sam

    Delightful pen for your felted flock. And the curly coat looks like a Spanish Water Dog’s coat. Good luck on the posh shop!


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